Student Projects


Besides the stands and exhibitions showing state of the art VR techniques presented by different companies and institutions there were also demonstrations of VR systems developed by our students at the symposium.


Demonstrated by students project groups in 2014:

1. A life size interactive hologram See more info


2. Virtual bow shooting.


First version with a screen. Next version with Oculus rift. See more info


3. A training application for a sorting machine (Pick@Easy) in collaboration with Vanderlande.

First version in the Cave. Next version with Oculus or portable screen.  See more info

4. A driving simulator for a truck in collaboration with DAF Trucks.

First version in the Cave. Next version with Oculus or portable screen.  See more info

5. Drivesim: Driving simulator application.

On the symposium this application will be shown in "the Egg".  See more info

6. Augmented reality office: See more info

The idea of the project is to have head mounted device with 2 cameras attached, which will act as eyes for the users, so when the program is running, they can see the augmented reality as of they see it from their eyes.


7. Incident training, Fire fighting simulator

A virtual fire fighter simulation could help in training new trainees. It would also be cheaper than doing real life training since it wouldn’t require a separate location. Also it would be very easy to change the situation the user would experience. See more info


7. Simulacron is an application which makes use of the new feature Kinect Fusion, which was added in Kinect SDK 1.7. With this application we can scan anything from a small object up until a complete room.
By using a Kinect, a 3D virtual representation of the scanned target is created. Using a post-process, we can texture this mesh and have recognizable results to the scanned target. Come visit us and we can give you a coloured mesh of yourself! This project is in collaboration with Philips Innovation Services.  Illustrations of a room perspective: