Virtual Reality Symposium 2014 Successful


The first international Virtual Reality Symposium in the Netherlands was held in Eindhoven from 28-29th January 2014.

We look back on a very enjoyable, successful and worthwhile symposium, attended bij nearly 200 people.

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28 January 2014

Human aspects

29 January 2014

Technological aspects

There is a great scope of developments in the human applications field. More than just visualization techniques, we aim to organize sessions on how one can train professionals, how ergonomics can be tested, how applications can influence the human brain.

Examples are Training, Therapy, Art, Marketing/Sales.
Chairman of this day was Martijn Lamers, who has a Ph.D. in psychology and is lecturer in the human aspects of virtual reality at the Fontys university.

This second day of the symposium, the topic was technology. Examples are product development, machine simulations, visualisations and diagnostics.

Chairman of this day was Hugo Habets. Hugo has been working for Philips Innovation Services for over 7 years. As a competence leader on virtual reality he recognized the technology as a key method for gaining new insights.

Martijn Lamers from Fontys is Chairman of day 1 at Fontys's Virtual Reality Symposium 2014 Hugo Habets from Philips is Chairman of day 2 at Fontys's Virtual Reality Symposium 2014
Martijn Lamers from Fontys ICT Hugo Habets from Philips Innovation Services




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