Virtual Training


The Cave is extremely well suited to perform virtual training. Training virtually has many advantages over operational excercise. Naturally, it is impossible to enact all risky scenario's in real life, therefore there is a limit to what can be trained in real life. The advantage of immersing a trainee in a virtual calamity scene applies to police, army and fire fighters. The scenarios can be used for personnel, commanders, instructors and managers.

A trainee finds himself immersed in the simulated environment. Head tracking and the stereoscopic effect cause the immersion sensation to be more realistic than 3D training in front of a screen. A perfect “sense of presence” depends on having realistic models, fast feedback and intuitive interaction. A software layer named XN@VE helps to create the scenarios needed.

  • A world can be chosen
  • Objects can be placed in the world
  • Particle systems kan be chosen, placed and set
  • Sound can be chosen, or linked to position or object
  • The user has interaction with the world and the objects.
  • The scenarios are not linear
  • The world contains physics

Exact requirements depend on the wishes of the client

In 2010 an incident training developer has been built up out of subsystems as can be seen in the illustration.