The Fontys Virtual Reality Lab for TU/e students


For the TU/e course 2IV55 (, which is given by Prof. dr. ir. Robert van Liere, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , some students may wish to use the Fontys VR-Cave. Because of the limited availability of this resource, students have to make the assignments on their own computers as much as possible. The behaviour of the cave can be simulated up to a certain extent. Below is information on how to get started in the CAVE by using Vizard from WorldViz

At the Fontys VR-Lab, it is possible to develop applications using a number of platforms:

  • VR-Juggler
  • Using a simple C++ framework designed specifically for the Fontys VR-Cave
  • Using WorldViz Vizard, i.e. python scripting
  • Using XNA with C# .net

At Fontys, the most commonly used approach among students is Vizard.

The Instruction Manual kan be found in de Wiki, under Vizard, "Instructions VR-Lab Vizard"