DAF Truck simulator

The DAF Truck Simulator is made for DAF to test out several configurations in the cabin of the truck because it would be a lot cheaper to make a small adjustment in a virtual simulation, then to build a new Truck. They wanted it to look as real as possible, that's why it became a driving simulator.



DAF had a few objectives for their driving simulator, these were:

- Make the Dashboard position adjustable (so that you can move it further away from you or closer towards you). This was to find the best dashboard position while still being able to see everything well enough, but also still have a good overview over the road in front of you.

- The driver of the truck should be able to move the Instrument Panel of the truck to 3 different positions to see what would be the best position so that the driver doesn't have to look away too long from the road, but is still able to see all of the important information on the instrument panel.

- Make some working traffic lights and pedestrians so that the driver HAS to pay attention to the   outside world as well even though it is only a simulation.



DAF Truck Simulator image

In the above picture you can see one of the developers driving in the virtual world using a steering wheel to turn, and foot pedals for the throttle/breaks.