Motion Tracking with Optitrack


In this project, Optitrack is used to build a system with which animations can be created rapidly. The disadvantage is the time it takes to set up and tune the equipment.

The project is done by Media Design students and consists of two parts. One is placing the cameras, attaching the cables and setting up the system. The other is about placing markers on a person.

Motion Tracking Markers


To track a person's motion, this person needs to carry markers on certain places on his body. Special cameras detect the markers. We studied the customary placement of the markers and drew them in the sketch below.

Front Back


The biggest challenge in placing the markers is that people have different sizes. With this in mind, we came up with a solution to create a motion tracking suit that would fit everyone.

The motion tracking suit is made up of velcro strips, onto which the markers can be easily placed. This way, the motion tracking suit is easy to set up and everyone can wear it.

The motion tracking suit in action: