Augmented Reality Office



Augmented Reality is a live, copy environment of the real, physical world we are living in but having its element augmented by virtual objects, computer generated input such as sound, video or graphics. In contrast, virtual reality completely replaces the real world with computer generated world. Augmented reality utilizes web-cameras to see markers, which can either be a markerless images, or matrix markers which looks like QR codes. These markers are then linked to a certain input. After which, whenever the camera sees the marker, that input will also be visible on the marker.

Currently, most of Augmented Reality system are viewed through the monitor of the PC or laptop. This of course, doesn't look realistic, as we know they are computer generated. In reality, we don't need anything in between our eyes and the object to see. This project aims to provide the possibility of seeing these inputs as though they are in the real world. This is going to be done by means of head mounted device with cameras mounted on it which will function as the eyes.




Augmented Reality Office


Offices sometimes lack of physical space for the officer to move around due to the amount of physical objects in it. Also, there are cases where officer needs to have access to certain object in their office, which may be big in size, but having no access to the office themselves. In this project, we are using the example of officer whose works are to monitor surveillance cameras from a certain city. In reality, to do this, he will have to stay in the room full of monitors to actually see these data. If he is not there, he will not be able to do so.


The project aims to create a portable monitoring system using the augmented reality, replacing the physical monitors with virtual monitors linked with the markers on a map of the city.


A map of certain location of the city, in this case, a part of Eindhoven will be provided with AR markers on it. When another AR marker, which will function as selector is placed on the position of one of the map markers, a video stream will pop up, showing what the surveillance camera of that particular location sees. Alongside it, data of the traffic will also be shown on a nearby virtual panel. In this project, the video stream will not be a real streaming data from CCTV, as we do not have access to it. Rather, it will be a fixed pre-recorded video stream.




  • Head-mounted device, oculus rift
  • 2 web cameras
  • Augmented reality markers