Celestia ia an open source 3D application which allows users to travel through an extensive universe, modeled after reality, at any speed, in any direction and at any time in history. Celestia doesn't confine you to the surface of the Earth. You can travel throughout the solar system.

Although it can easily be connected to VRJuggler (it is written in C++ and uses OpenGL), Celestia has an overwhelming number of functionalities which makes it difficult to build a user friendly operating interface for the CAVE. Student Ben Bierens undertook the assignment to realise the following functionalities:

  • Free scrolling
  • Select object
  • Go to object
  • Realtime
  • Tour Guide
  • Selection
  • Follow selection
  • Center selection
  • Forward time
  • Reverse time
  • Solar system browser
  • Star browser
  • Eclipse finder

He completed his graduation project in July 2009 and Celestia is now a working demo in the CAVE