The Virtual Reality Laboratory of  Fontys University of Applied Science


It houses state-of-the-art techniques in computer graphics, visualization and virtual reality. The VR lab started in September 2008 with a Virtual Reality CAVE. A variety of projects has been carried out by students with the Cave. Now the lab has many more VRdevices and tools with which students and researchers carry out projects.

Since 2011 we offer a minor subject Virtual Reality at our institute. In this minor, students are offered the chance to work with different VRtools and techniques in the VRlab. There are companies involved in this minor, for example Philips and DAF.

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The CAVE is the most important system in the VRLab.

A cave automatic virtual environment (better known by the recursive acronym CAVE) is an immersive virtual reality environment where projectors are directed to the walls of a room-sized cube.

Demonstrations and guided tours

Fun demonstrations are given on visiting days and by appointment.

Companies: medical, architectural, entertainment, big data, technology, design

More and more applications are finding their way to the possibilities that 3D visualization offers.


Education and training

For education, the VRLab (especially the Cave) is a wonderful new learning platform. It stimulates creativity and productivity among students. Training can be given to small groups (<6) at a time.   Students work on their projects in the system. Students typically get involved in development of projects brought in by companies.

Research on applications of new technologies

Companies can visualize their processes or products in the Cave. This is possible by means of visualization application, for which we offer standardized services.

The VR lab can be rented

Rental to independent researchers or companies who do their research is possible.

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